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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAPC 7?

The 7th annual North American Parkour Championships is a season of events around North America.  The final event in the NAPC 7 Season is the Origins Parkour Pro hosted in Vancouver, BC.


How do I qualify for the 2019 Origins Parkour Pro in Vancouver, BC?

Men and Women can qualify for the 2019 Origins Parkour Pro by placing in the top 3 in any category (Skill, Speed, or Style) at any one of the Regional events.


How many Qualifying Events will there be?

The 2019 season will have 6 Regional qualifying opportunities and 1 Onsite qualifier.

Will there be prize money at Regional events?

First place finishers in the Men’s and Women’s divisions will receive a cash prize in the regional qualifier events.

Is there a youth division?

Each regional SPL event will host a youth division ranging from ages 6-16.  However, there will not be a youth event at this year’s Origins Parkour Pro.

Can I qualify for the Origins Parkour Pro Finals if I’m underage?

Youth aged participants who wish to qualify for the Origins Parkour Pro are eligible to qualify only if they participate in the Men’s/Women’s division at their respective qualifying event.

I can’t make it to any of the regional events.  Is there any other way to qualify?

There will be an additional qualifier event hosted at the Origins Parkour Studio in Port Moody, BC on the morning of Friday, August 16th before the main event.

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