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The North American Parkour Championships (NAPC) premiered in 2013 and introduced 3 unique disciplines of competition to parkour: SKILL, SPEED, & STYLE. Each discipline was designed to reflect a separate element of parkour practice. SKILL reflects the individual challenge-based approach to parkour. SPEED represents the traditional definition of parkour as a method of overcoming obstacles in a fast and efficient manner. STYLE reflects the artistic approach to parkour practice as a way to build aesthetic lines and execute highly difficult tricks.

Following the success of NAPC, the Sport Parkour League (SPL) was founded to continue to build upon what NAPC started. By 2017, SPL launched a full competition circuit in North America providing more opportunities for parkour athletes to participate across a season of events. Over the next few years more and more international athletes began to attend NAPC in an effort to earn a podium spot and recognition across the world. In 2021, NAPC became known as SPL1 - World Parkour Championships to reflect the international appeal and participation that had taken hold in the event.

The goal of SPL's founding was not only to build a competitive format for elite parkour athletes, but also to create a platform for developing an engaged audience for the sport of parkour. From the very first NAPC event, a live audience and livestream broadcast of the event were included. It is our mission to showcase the highest level of parkour achievement through the lens of a competition format that remains true to the culture. We aim to provide athletes an opportunity to test themselves against a field of elite challenges and demonstrate their capabilities to fans across the world.

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