SPL CoVid-19 Statement

SPL Fans and Athletes,


It has been an unprecedented few weeks as our world faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Amid the stress and uncertainty, it’s never been more critical to stay connected with one another, even as we practice social distancing to reduce transmission and keep each other healthy and safe. 


After consultation with various Regional Organizers, we, the Sport Parkour League (SPL) are postponing all scheduled North American Parkour Championship (NAPC) events for the foreseeable future. This decision takes into consideration first and foremost the safety and health of our parkour athletes, in addition to the uncertainties around the spread of this disease, and resulted after extensive deliberations this last week among the SPL owners. This decision will affect all events in the 2020 season. 


Once things have calmed down and things have returned to normalcy, we will be working closely with Regional Organizers to determine a new date for each event in the season. We will remain flexible as events warrant, with the hope of still being able to run events at the end of 2020. We are deeply disappointed but believe this outcome is in the best interest of all of the people who make these incredible events possible. 


Nothing is more important to SPL than the health and safety of its athletes, staff, and spectators.  SPL is continuing to closely monitor COVID-19, city-level recommendations and mandates, and all guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We encourage the entire parkour community to follow the advice of your local authorities as to best practices in this difficult situation and refer you to the World Health Organization for definitive guidance:  https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public  


SPL sends its best wishes to all individuals and communities that are affected by Covid-19.


Rene Scavington, Tom Coppola, Vinny Fiacco + Dylan Polin


Please stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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