Two rounds of competition

  • Round 1: Five Challenge Time Trial - February 2021

  • Round 2: Three Challenge Final -  March 2021

Prizes for Men's and Women's Divisions

1st place:    $500

2nd Place:  $250

3rd Place:  $125

SKILL Round 1: Five Challenge Time Trial

Set five separate challenges and attempt to complete all five within a 2 minute time limit. The challenges must be set inside a parkour gym. There should be a clear distinction between each skill challenge. Unlike a live competition in which challenges must be completed onsite without practice, you can attempt the challenges as many times as desired (on or off camera), but your video submission must be filmed in one take. 


Your submission will be judged on Scale, Variability, Complexity and Completion (see below). You can only make one official submission. No flips. Your submission must be posted on Instagram tagging @sportparkour, #sportparkour, and #SPLOnlineSkill. You must be following @sportparkour on Instagram to be entered into the competition.


The top 10 submissions will be selected to move on to the Final Round.


In order to be eligible all submissions must be submitted by 12:00pm PST Friday, February 19th.


12:00am EST February 22nd

Judging Criteria

The SCALE of the challenges: height / distance.


Demonstrate a broad skill set with the VARIABILITY of chosen movements. 


The COMPLEXITY of the structures and environment themselves.


Whether or not the movements were COMPLETED as intended.

Submission checklist

  • Must be filmed in a gym

  • Must be one unedited clip

  • No mats in filmed attempt

  • Clearly show all parts of challenges

  • Upload to your instagram

    • Tag the gym in the post

    • Tag @sportparkour and use hashtags #sportparkour + #SPLOnlineSkill

  • Upload on SPL Website

SPORT Parkour League was founded with the mission of creating an engaging competitive platform for parkour athletes that remains true to the culture.  We aim to provide an avenue for athletes to regularly participate in competition by creating a standardized format and season of events around the world.

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